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Unione Astrofili Italiani
G.A.D. - Gruppo Astronomia Digitale
Gruppo Astrofili Catanesi
Astrofili Siciliani
C.O.D.A.S. Siracusa
Gruppo M1 Astrofili Castiglionesi
Omega Lab - Astronomy Programs and Telescope Control
Montecatini Val di Cecina Astronomical Center
Al di là della Luna by Danilo Pivato
AlexMade by Alessio Pisani
Amateur CCD Astronomy by Rich Jacobs, M.D.
Antonio Fernàndez Astrophotography
Astrofototeca by Giuseppe Carmine Iaffaldano
AstroGarage by Stef Cancelli
Astrolab - Siti Astronomici Amatoriali
Astrophotographer Portraits by Michael A. Stecker
Astrophotographie CCD by Nicolas Outters
Astrophotography by Johannes Schedler
Astrophotography by Steve Cannistra
Astrophotography by Takayuki Yoshida
Astronomia Amatoriale by G. Erriquez & M. Vivaldi
Astronomia Amatoriale by Marco Silva
Astronomia on Line by S. Lo Vecchio & A. Marino
Astronomical Images by Cord Scholz
Astronomy Resources by Julie
Astrotecniche by Piero Lavoratti
Billions and by Warren A. Keller
CCD Astrophotography by Jon Christensen
CCD-Astro-Photography by Karel Tewen
Celestial Images by John Gleason
Cosmotography by R. Jay GaBany
Enzo Santin Astro
Eyes on Sky by Giuseppe Petralia
Fabio Salvaggio astroblog
Filippo Ciferri Astro Images
Foto di Stelle di Alessandro Milani
Glittering Lights by Marco Lorenzi
I fenomeni celesti del mese by Tiziano Magni
Images from the Universe by Andrea Tamanti
Immagini dallo spazio by Giovanni Cortecchia
La Fortuna di essere Astrofilo by Renzo Del Rosso
Ligth from infinity by Fulvio Mete
Massimo Bernardi @stro Web Site
Markarian's Dream by Nicola Montecchiari
Plinio Camaiti web site
PNebulae by Diego Barucco
Paolo Lazzarotti High Res
Site d'un astronome amateur by Alain Gerard
Skyfactory by Davide De Martin
Sky Images by Giuseppe Bertaglia
Stargazer Observatory by Dietmar Hager
Starry Wonders by Steve Cannistra
The Universe In Color by Rob Gendler by Marco Meniero
Astrofotografia UAI (IT)
ItAstro (IT)
Finger Lakes Imaging Systems (US)
Forum (IT)
Forum Coelestis (IT)
Forum Astrofili Catanesi (IT)
CCD-NewAstro (US)
MaxIm/DL (US)
A&M Telescopes (US)
Le Stelle (IT)
Nuovo Orione (IT)
Astronomia UAI (IT)
Coelum (IT)
Sky & Telescope (US)
Astronomy (US)
Universe Today (Web - US)
Astrosurf (FR)
Sky at Night (UK)
Coelum Stream (IT)
10 Micron (IT)
Officina Stellare (IT)
Anacortes Buy Telescopes (US)
Apogee Instruments Inc (US)
Auriga (IT)
Finger Lakes Instrumentation (US)
Miotti Ottica (IT)
Orrery store - Beautiful mechanical orrery (solar system model) (US)
Ottica San Marco (IT)
Perseus (IT)
PrimaLuceLab (IT)
Rigel Astronomia (IT)
SkyPoint (IT)
Starlight Xpress (UK)
Unitron Italia (IT)
APOD - NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day
Portal to the Universe
Sezione Astrofotografia UAI
Meteo Sicilia
Il Meteo
Meteoblue numerical weather prediction
Heavens Above
SkyMarvels - Your key to the sky and the Universe!