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FITS Upload

FITS Upload is a software developed to automatically upload FITS files after imaging session, saved by the camera control software during the automated sessions of remote control observatory.

Is is a free software. If you find it useful, you can download it and use in your remote observatory for imaging or photometry purposes.

FTP is the protocol for the upload. The files from the local folder are compressed into a zip file and then sent to FTP server. Of course, you need an FTP server. A temporary directory from your web site is usually perfect.

Considering that data collection of one astronomical image may need over a few nights, and that all the files of imaging sessions are saved in the same folder, at the end of each session it is necessary to upload just the data file taken during the night before. FITS upload do it!

FITS upload installation provides an user manual wich describes all the features of the software.

The main purpose of FITS Upload is the possibility to execute it by observatory automation softwares (e.g. CCD Commander) for full automatic file upload, by passing instructions as parameters in the command line:

FitsUpload.exe <SourceFolder> <Hours> <ZipFileName>


The FTP protocol configuration takes place in the FTP settings form, where to put the name of your FTP server, the user-id, the password and the FTP subfolder where to upload your FITS data files.