All Sky Plate Solver is a free software, designed to automatically detect the celestial coordinates of FITS and JPEG files captured by your ccd camera / reflex.

It uses the engine of the free local on Cygwin for Windows.

If you consider it useful, you can download, install, point a random part of the sky, get a frame and synchronize your mount!

It does not require active internet connection, since it works locally in your computer. You just follow the instructions and solve coords of each corner of sky.

The Settings form allows you to specify the telescope focal length and ccd/camera pixel size, in order to compute the range of ArcSec/Pixel image scale.

You can also let All Sky Plate Solver getting pixel size and/or telescope focal length from FITS file header.

By checking options:

  Get image with MaxIm/DL (or ASCOM) main Camera


  On succesfull Click & Plate Solve, execute Sync mount

, the Click & Plate Solve button of main form ignores intermediate questions and synchronizes your telescope mount in a single step!

All Sky Plate Solver can be also called as external program by automation softwares as APT, Voyager, CCDCommander and others, in order to perform automatically the full sky ‘blind’ plate solving.

...and sell your finder scope!

Once your image is solved, the

Astrometric Image Browser

lets you to interact with it!

You can:

  1. -Interact with the catalogs of deep-sky objects included in your image

  1. -Moving the mouse in the image, get precise celestial coordinates of point and deep-sky object name

  1. -Show crosshair and equatorial grids

  1. -Stretch the image histogram

  1. -Zoom-in, zoom-out and scroll the image

  1. -Click and show popup information of deep-sky objects

That all also with 5 sec. images, taken during the imaging session!

Now Available in English, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Dutch.

If you are a developer, download here the technical document to interface All Sky Plate Solver as COM object with your software.

All Sky Plate Solver can perform plate solving also calling it by command line from your own software, as explained here.